Terms of Service



We will require four armless chairs to sit on and an area of at least 3/2 metres.

We will need to take a break for roughly 10 mins every hour, however we will do our best to work our breaks around your schedule.

We understand that sometimes schedules can run behind, however we will always stop playing at the finish time all clients specify when they fill in our booking form. If you would like us to play for longer we will be able to do so as long as we don't have any other bookings. For this we will charge of £60 per half hour.  

If there is more than 30 minutes of waiting time for us between portions of your booking, we charge a standard fee of £80 e.g. if your require us for your wedding ceremony and meal but there is a 2 hour drinks reception in between for which we are not playing. 

If one of us is ill or unable to perform at your event we have a selection of experienced, well trained back-up musicians that can step in at the last minute.

We can play outside in warm enough conditions and in very sunny weather with a bit of shade as direct sunlight can damage our instruments. we ask that all venues and clients respect the authority of the musicians to make their decision regarding performing outside at the booking.


Travel costs and other requirements

For bookings between Central Manchester and up to 60 miles outside of Manchester there is no additional travel cost. For further than 60 miles we charge 40p per extra mile

We will wear smart clothing for all events, however if your booking is themed and you would like us to dress a certain way we will do our best to accommodate any requirements you might have within reason.

It's your choice whether to provide refreshment for us, however it would be lovely to have some food and drink for bookings over 2 hours long.

Travelling to two separate locations for one booking will not be a problem. However please be aware that there may be a short break with no music whilst we find the second venue and set up. 



We are willing to accept payments in instalments should you wish to spread the fees over a period up to the final balance date.

All clients will be given a date for which the final balance is due (one month in advance of the booking). If we have not received your final payment by this date we may take measures to ensure compensation.


Insurance and Cancellations

We have public liability insurance and are covered for any accidents that may occur at the event. We can provide you with a copy of our public liability certificate should you wish to see it.

It's useful for venues to be aware that we don't use any sound amplification/lighting/visual effects. This will avoid any unnecessary insurance queries. 

We take a non-refundable deposit in case of cancellations. However if you need to cancel your booking less than one month in advance we will require full payment, and half payment for less than 6 weeks' notice.